It is important to keep newborn babies’ feet warm to encourage healthy growth. But experts advise that they should not wear shoes because their feet still have very soft bones and muscles that are vulnerable to damage. Also, tight footwear will restrict movement, restrain natural foot growth & development and sometimes result in deformity.

Footwear such as socks that are made of soft breathable materials are sufficient enough. Babinski Baby's Almost Shoes allow baby's feet to breathe and develop without any restrictions and still keep them at a comfortable temperature. Plus… Almost Shoes are actually socks that look like (and can be mistakened as) shoes!

Available in 4 styles that are sooo “now” – Bejeweled, Flower Puff, Baby Got Grunge and Ya Wanna be Cowboy.

Size of almost shoes can now fit 0-24 months.

All socks come in a pack of 2's.
Php 250.00

WASHING INSTRUCTIONS: For the embellished socks, best if it is handwashed. Otherwise, invert the socks for machine wash.

REMEMBER: Some socks have embellisment. Due to constant washing, the embellishment might become lose. For safety measure, check the socks once in a while before use.

Nirvana Pair
Urban Grunge Pair
Saddle Pair
Rodeo Pair

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