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This Moses Basket creates a space for Baby anywhere in the house! A safe place for baby to sleep at home or when visiting friends. Moses baskets are small beds intended to provide a comforting place to rest and sleep for newborn babies to approximately four months or as soon as the baby can roll over. The basket allows them to be carried throughout the home to stay close to the mother. There are no safety standards for Moses Baskets, caution should be taken when using one to hold an infant.


Measures approximately 30.5"L x 17"W x 18"H including the hood. Basket is 6" deep in the middle (8.5" deep at the head, 6.5" at the foot).

Liner is removable and can be washed (cold water, gentle cycle) and tumbled dry (low or no heat).

Includes a foam mattress pad and a white sheet.

Basket hood can be removed completely.

Hood ataches with string-and-loop abaca fiber on both sides.

Baskets are not safe if placed on a high surface. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR BABY UNATTENDED.

Basket can be used until baby is approximately 15 lbs. (6.8 kg) or until Baby can push up or roll over unassisted.

Moses baskets are no longer safe once a baby can roll over. Please monitor your baby carefully.

Basket should always be placed on a firm, flat surface.

Never place it near the fireplace or open flames.

Sturdy leather handles are woven onto the basket. Although this basket includes handles, we do not recommend carrying the basket with your baby in it for safety reasons.

When Baby outgrows the Moses Basket, use it as a place for storing stuffed animals or linens, or as a bed for dolls or pets.

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