Sack O’ Safety Blanket is the best way to tuck in newborns and babies to bed. It’s the safer alternative to keep baby warm and cozy than using a regular blanket. And oh, it also prevents babies from kicking off their blanket at night. Loose bedding can actually cover an infant’s nose or mouth and may lead to higher risk of sudden infant death or suffocation. Using Babinski’s Sack O’ Safety Blanket will give parents peace of mind as they themselves go to sleep. And it’s very easy to use!

How to use:
1) Open the sack and place the infant inside.
2) Close the zipper and adjust the velcro to fit infant's shoulders.

Made of breathable cotton fabric perfect for our not-so-cold tropical weather.
One size fits most. =)

MEASUREMENT: (approx.)
From shoulder to bottom zip: 27 inches
Width: 16 inches

PRICE: Php 500.00


Ever wondered how hospitals can neatly tuck in newborns into a baby wrap? The Swaddler Infant Wrap can easily do the trick! With its “wings” and re-adjustable velcro, this wrap will soothe your newborn and keep them warm and comfortable especially at night. The design keeps newborn snugly-fit, imitating the soothing snugness of the womb they have been used to. It also reduces symptoms of colic and helps babies sleep longer.

Made of breathable cotton fabric perfect for our not-so-cold tropical weather.
For infants 12 months and below. As your baby grows, adjust the wing for better fit.

How to use :
1) Open wrap and tuck in legs of baby inside leg pocket. Make sure baby’s body is on the center of the wrap.
2) Wrap left wing over baby’s torso and tuck under baby’s opposite arm.
3) Place right wing over left and secure open tabs to the Velcro on left wing. Wings should be snug over baby’s chest.

As the baby grows and starts to move about, simply untuck his arms from the blanket.

PRICE: Php 500.00

Three month old Brielle swaddled comfortably with the Swaddler.
According to her mom, Baby Brielle is big for her age but
still fit comfortably into the blanket.

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